There are several reasons you should include Barcelona chair and stool to your furniture collection. This amazing chair is just perfect piece of comfort and beauty for you if you like modern design and need to make your room unique and different from all your acquaintances. The distinct feature of  Barcelona chair and stool is that it comes with many beautiful color options so you can make your boring room a total different life and style with by adding this chair in red, yellow, blue or any other colour.

Following are few more reasons to add this sophisticated and creative thing part of your living:

  1. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe created it for the king and queen of Spain in the 1920’s so it’s a royal furniture and your will feel it !
  2. It was selected by the most renowned designers in the art world to win a Museum of Modern Art award.
  3. Barcelona Chair & Stool  is not just eye-catching but it is a durable and comfortable of its kind because it’s frame is made from the heaviest wood available, the leather is of most superior quality and  and the legs are supported with the tubular steel.