Barcelona Coffee Table is a Classic Coffee Table. I must confess I have  never experienced such an elegant looking table in my whole life. It adds the luxury and elegance of everything that you take on this. It’s simply one of the most beautiful thing I have ever have in my life and in home !

This was originally called the „Dessau table“. But with tha passage of time its name changed and is now called „Barcelona Table“. It first appeared a the Tugendhat House, Brno, Czechoslovakia. This table was first manufactured and btought to the market by Berliner Metallgewerbe Joseph Muller. In 1931, its production was moved to Bamberg Metallwerkstatten, Berlin. The table is the perfect compliment to the Barcelona Chairs from Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe. Its assembly requires minimal effort and you can use Barcelona Coffee Table anywhere you wish to in your house.

Its frame is made of solid polished stainless steel and is 30 x 12mm in diameter. Clear
tempered glass top, whose thickness is 19 mm. A table for the individuals who really
want to enjoy their life.